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Sydney Horas

Sydney has been riding horses since she was 5 years old, when her parents bought their first Icelandic horse. She started her formal riding lessons in jumping while riding Icelandic horses on the side until age 9.  Sydney and her parents then decided to move into a discipline that would help her excel with Icelandic horses which was riding classical dressage on Lusitano horses. In 2007 Sydney traveled abroad for the first time to extend her knowledge of Icelandic horses.  She traveled to New Hampshire to work with a B Class trainer from Germany. In 2008 Sydney went to an Icelandic horse farm located in the North of Germany for two months to train horses and extend her knowledge.  While there, she took the riding test for a bronze riding level, which she passed at 13 years old. When she returned home from Germany she started teaching lessons, training horses and competing on her Icelandic Horses. In 2013 Sydney traveled to Kentucky to educate and learn with Holar university honour graduate and master trainer Gudmar Petursson.  She has kept

up a great relationship with Gudmar which involves training with him in Iceland and all over the US.  Gudmar also comes yearly to Ontario for a progressive riding clinic. Later in 2013 Sydney traveled again to the north Germany to prepare for the Icelandic Horse World Championships where she competed as a Canadian youth. After returning home Sydney became very involved with the business of OnIce Horse Farm, teaching lessons, training horses and competing. She continues to travel to further her education and share with her clients. 

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