Hrokurs Offspring

Guest Stallion at OnIce 2020

Stefnir fra Þjóðólfshaga


OnIce is proud to offer breeding services to the amazingly talented stallion Stefnir fra Þjóðólfshaga . Stefnir came to Canada from Iceland in May of 2019. Since being imported Stefnir has been a perfect gentleman participating in group lessons with all levels of riders, riding on trail rides and winning the Triple World Ranking show in four gait V1 in October 2019. He is a horse of great talent and wonderful temperament. In Stefnir's breeding evaluations (2012) he received 6 scores of 9 or over and the remaining two scores were 8.5's, talk about talent. Also in 2012 Stefnir participated in Landsmot A final Gaedingakepni in 4 gait where he received a score of 8.48. The last few years in Iceland Stefnir excelled in young riders classes, a further testament to the wonderful nature of him. 


2012 Breeding Evaluations

Total score: 8.13

Conformation: 7.78

Head: 7

Neck-Whithers-Shoulders: 7.5

Proportions: 8

Legs: 7.5

Joints: 7.5

Hooves: 8

Mane and tail: 8

Ridden Abilities: 

Tolt: 9

Trot: 9 

Pace: 5

Gallop: 9 

Spirit: 9 

General Impression: 9 

Walk: 9.5(wow)

Slow Tolt: 8.5 

Canter: 8.5 

Breeding fees for 2020 are $1400 CDN contact us or more information or to schedule breeding with your mare. Lease mares availible. 



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