Here at OnIce Horse Farm we have a variety of pure bred Icelandic horses, ranging from young horses, and pleasure horses, to competition horses.  Everyone is looking for the "Gæðingur" as the Icelanders call them, or the perfect horse. Our goal is to match people to the Icelandic horse that is perfect for them.



Our goal is to provide people and horses with the tools to be successful in their aspirations whether that is trail riding, competition riding, jumping, ground work, training young horses etc. 



We offer both indoor and outdoor board at our facilities located in the beautiful rolling hills of Caledon, Ontario. 


Standing Studs at OnIce Spring 2020

Planning a trip to Iceland?

Are you planning a trip to Iceland for riding or want to make riding a part of your trip?  Our pre-Iceland lesson packages are the perfect opportunity to get ready so you can make the most of your experience. Iceland is an amazingly unique country with spectacular views which are best seen from the back of an Icelandic Horse. The package includes four lessons on our Icelandic horses with emphasis on getting you ready for a safe enjoyable trip, and of course tölt, one of the gaits unique to the Icelandic Horse.


Hrokur fra Efsta-Dal (Left) 8.41 with 9 for neck-withers-shoulders, proportions, 9.5 for back and croup

and guest stallion

Stefnir fra Þjóðólfshaga (Right) 8.13 with 9 for tolt, trot, spirit, general impression, gallop and 9.5 for walk

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