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Hrokur fra Efsta-Dal


 Let me introduce to you Hrokur fra Efsta-Dal. He is a big, black, beautiful stallion with a big blaze and blue eyes. His striking appearance has such a presence that when he walks out of the stall you cant help but stare. The only thing better than his looks are his temperament, he is sweet and friendly, willing and forward with power that’s there whenever you’re ready.  His pace is powerful and effortless. . Here is a video of us trying him in Iceland. ( )


Now for the facts.  Hrokur’s best total (conformation + ridden abilities) evaluation score is 8.41 in 2012 as a 5 year old. He graduated from Holar University in 2018 with his Holar student trainer Josephine and together they accomplished a lot including maintaining his breeding evaluation scores of 8.40 in 2016 as a 9 year old. (Just as a side note the older the horse is the harder the judging on breeding evaluations) 


He scored an amazing 8.72 for conformation which is broken up into (all scores are out of a possible 10 with 8 being first prize): 

Head – 8.5

Neck – 9

Back and Croup – 9.5 (wow) 

Proportions – 9.0

Legs – 8

Correctness of Joints – 8.5

Hooves - 8.5

Mane and Tail – 8.5


For ridden abilities he has received 8.27 (Link to his 5 year old breeding evaluation )  

Tolt – 8.5

Trot – 8 

Pace – 7.5 (at a later evaluation when he was older he received 8.5 for pace)

Gallop – 8.5

Character – 8.5

Spirit – 8.5

Walk – 8.5

Slow tolt – 8.5

Canter – 8


Hrokur currently has 73 offspring in Iceland. As a three year old, with his natural abilities they started using him as a breeding stallion. 4 are fully evaluated and 2 are over first prize, the other two are high second prize (almost 8). He also has offspring in competition for 5 gait that are doing very well from the famous breeding farm Fet. More importantly all of his other offspring have been know for their size, disposition and lots of natural supple tolt and clean 5 gaits.  

He has fantastic lineage his mother is Von fra Laugarvatni daughter of Kras fra Laugarvatni who is a very famous mare in Iceland known for throwing big super tolters. His father is Hroður fra Refsstöðum who is an honour prize stallion who has over 180 evaluated offspring. From all the stallions I know of, Hrokur will be the highest evaluated stallion in Canada. He has a high BLUP score (BLUP means how much he contributes to the foals attributes) with a total of 118, confirmation is a very high 121 and ridden abilities of 114. I believe he can dramatically improve the confirmation and gaits for our future generations. 

Limited Breeding available 

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